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Tony Gibson

Teacher of Piano, Voice, Songwriting, and Recording





Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance and Composition 

Stetson University (cum laude)


Masters of Church Music in Conducting

Southwestern Theological Seminary



Performing/ Production Experience 


Recorded 3 CDs of original piano arrangements including Pop, Worship, and Christmas Music exceeding 5000 in total distribution. 


Written, scored and directed five full length stage musicals for casts of 250 and more.


Produced and recorded the first album of indigenous worship music in the country of Guinea Bissau Africa



Teaching Experience


25+ years of private music instruction including piano, voice, songwriting 


20+ years as a Church Music and Worship Leaders training and directing children, Middle School, High School, Adult Choirs, soloists, and orchestra in weekly performances and preparation 


20+ years of experience in training and preparing adult and teen musicians for weekly worship band leadership including teaching harmonization, vocal style, blend, and performance technique 


Teaching Style

Along with introducing young students to piano, and helping advanced students become more expressive and skilled performers, Tony really enjoys teaching adults who have always dreamed of playing and those who never learned practical ways to use the things they learned from childhood lessons in playing the kinds of music they love, for FUN!


Tony loves helping students who might want to learn to play in rock bands or worship bands as well as those who might want to pursue a degree in classical music or become professional performers. 

All students are encouraged to focus on the styles and songs that interest them most while always learning the fundamentals of playing, writing, or singing that will help them become expressive and technically confident as musicians.


Lessons are energetic and always include variety. Along with classical studies, students can learn how to play from chord charts, how to improvise on pop or worship music, how to play in jazz or gospel styles, and how to create their own arrangements. Tony thrives when helping students work out challenges on the spot as well as demonstrating solutions for stronger independent practice techniques. 


On the Personal Side

Tony and his wife Faith have been married for over 37 years, and they met through music when he was her accompanist for voice lessons in college. They have six children and three grandchildren so far. Tony has spent much of the last several years in Africa helping vulnerable kids. Teaching music for fun, rafting on the Zambizee River, cable jumping into the gorge at Victoria Falls, and even being charged by a hippo while kayaking in Kenya are among his favorite adventures from those years.

At home, Tony loves mountain biking, water sports, weight lifting, and most of all playing with those amazing grandkids.

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